The tailored experience begins with the meeting with the customer, who will define every detail of the suit to be created together with the creative directors. From the cut to the lapels, from the pockets to the buttons, each gentleman is guided in his choice by the expertise and many years of experience of Daniele and Domenico Bruno who will be able to accompany and advise the customer to satisfy every minimum need.


The customer will have the opportunity to select the perfect fabric for his needs and tastes, choosing from a vast range of fabrics carefully selected by our creative directors. Even in this choice, the customer will always be accompanied by the suggestions of our creative directors who will they will help you navigate between different types of wool, cashmere, linen or cotton, between colors and patterns such as pinstripe, check or Prince of Wales and between different types of weight.


Once you've chosen the fabric, it's time to measure. Daniele and Domenico will be attentive to every detail, carefully advising each customer in choosing the model that best suits their needs. Single-breasted, double-breasted, peaked breast or English lapels are just some of the characteristics of the suit. But the choice continues for every detail, from the height of the trouser belt to the width of the jacket lapel.

However, their eye will be above all attentive to the physical characteristics of the customer: adjusting the length of the jacket, the width of the shoulders or correcting an asymmetry will allow you to better enhance the silhouette of each customer, highlighting all his strengths and minimizing them the imperfections.




Once made by our tailors, the dress will be ready for the first fitting. It is in this phase that the Creative Directors will have the opportunity to evaluate the wearability of the dress and, if necessary, make adjustments to perfect every detail.

A short time later, the dress will be ready for the second fitting in which the customer will be able to see the finished dress. The pants and jacket will be complete, made in the final fabric and ready to finally wear.